Saturday, June 20, 2015

Farmer's Market went fantastic!

Had a fantastic day at downtown Des Moines farmers market-- had a different spot than before down on the south side of 4th street.  It was really close to the science center.

Strangely we had no neighbors on either side of us.  Now in a normal venue, blank space is  bad.  It's like people's eyes glaze over and they just visually "skip" you.  We have been In past shows where we just watched virtually everyone pass us as if we were Invisible.   

Add in we had the 3rd to last booth and well, people just sort of get close to end of of the street and decide it's too much effort to walk to the end, so they skip it and turn around.  

So first thing this morning I was looking at our position and feeling glum.

But there just doesn't seem to be a bad spot at farmers's market!  Yes some folks probably skipped the end, and we probably had some walk past and not even realize we were in the middle of the "dead spot".  Doesn't matter-- the rest of the customers more than made up for it.

Now next week is the other art show at the Iowa state fairgrounds, so I need to be laser focused on getting inventory done the rest of the weekend and week...  

I'm making a list of top priorities tonight and hopefully tomorrow I'll run down my hit list.  I hope tomorrow goes like last Wednesday where I made 15 items.

Here is one of the cuffs I made Wednesday -- I used a new patina color called sky sapphire.

I love the deep multi-toned look this patina has!   

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