Saturday, March 26, 2016

Art deco style pendant

this is what my work desk looks like most of the time.. actually this is pretty cleaned up.  I have about 3 projects going in this pic.... 
This isn't true Art deco of course... but the watch case made me think art deco... all clear stones in a geometric style.. very art deco... and every sparkly!   So I went with it.. Overall I liked how it turned out and I"m hoping to get a few more pendants based on watch cases done.. like everything else bouncing around in my brain, 2 many projects and not enough time.
Close up of the innards - I put a mucha pic in the back ground, I thought that went well with the art deco style of the watch case... and some gears, crystals and little opal like flakes.  going for glamour here baby! 

Took me forever to get the cupchain to lay right.. I tried to glued, wire wrap, and a couple of other things.  Ended up sewing them on a bit of vintage ribbon.. which worked pretty great actually.  The necklace part is woven wire.

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