Sunday, March 20, 2016

lightbulb earrings

I wish I could claim this "bright" idea, but actually the concept of using lightbulbs and adding paper to decorate them is from Susan Lenart Kazmer's book Making Connections.    

Great book for mix -media type artist.

The Rhinestones are my idea though.  

I predict more of these in the future, at least until my small stash of lightbulbs disappear.  She uses lightbulbs in all kinds of projects including bracelets... I have fears of them breaking, so I"ll probably stick to earrings for the most part, though I might try re-enforcing them , maybe dip in resin first? she actually mentions this somewhere in the book but now I can't find where... oh well I guess  I'll have to read through it thoroughly again.... such a hardship!

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