Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Girl's Weekend vintage broach bracelet

OK I'm stupid, I should have gotten pictures of all 3 bracelets.. but I didn't.  rats.  So I'm only presenting mine.
My finished piece..the crystals are vintage as well.

Back story on this:  For Christmas I bought 3 day by day jewelry calendars and gave them to Cathie, Sue and myself.  Since we can't be together everyday, I figured at least once during the day we would think about each other... and our love of jewelry and making it.

And maybe some of the pieces would prove inspirational.  One of the calendar pieces we all liked was a very simple looking chain bracelet with a big jewel cluster on it by the clasp.  It made all 3 of us think of vintage broaches.. so when we went antiquing we each got a broach and challenged each other to make a bracelet based on the calendar one.  All the bracelets turned out great, and all different because the broaches were so different in character.  I have several really nice vintage broaches hanging out in the studio.. I might have to explore this concept some more.  I also left my broach usable.. partly because the pin back on mine was in perfect working condition.  ( not something you see on all vintage broaches)
I used layers of filigree to both hide the pin back but also protect it... so it's still usable as a broach.

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