Friday, April 21, 2017

Earings, earrings, coming out of my .......

the first pair has delicate, detailed unicorns ! the end pair is vintage adding machine cog, with crystals, and the middle pair... I ADORE! vintage pocket watch regulators with little angels!
EARS! hehehehehehe

Sorry, I couldn't resist, I know I should try harder, but hey, you only live once, but you can pun a thousand times!   Anyway, more earrings to tempt you with... Downtown Farmer's Market is only 2 weeks away!!! wow!!  I so want to have plenty of temptation for you, so here are several pairs of earrings for suit all types!
Lightbulb earrings, all blinged and worded up!

Dangling vintage watch cogs, Paris and clock face, and another lightbulb earring

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