Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Newest Leaf Bracelets

My leaf bracelets have become a staple of my inventory.... I use these great flat leaves as a base to build on, which makes them sort of half cuffs.  I carefully curve them to fit the wrist, and decorate as the mood drives me.  I'm pleased to say that even though I've used some of the same design elements on them, each one is unique.

I lay out the main focus, usually a animal, and then I add cogs, gears, dangling bits until I like how it looks.  

 This pic shows one of the bracelets in progess... i rivet mostly to put these together.

I've never used a cat before, which makes this one extra special.

I've used dragonflies multiple times, but each one comes out with it's own flavor.

Owls have proved to be popular the last year, so I decided to make another one.

I love this brass fairy, she's so beautifully rendered.  I think this one came out the best, she's got such a 3D effect going on.

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