Monday, April 17, 2017

Vintage Button Rings

My stash is large and varied, and boy I really need to use up some of it.

So here are 4 rings made using "vintage" buttons from the stash.  the all metal silver button with the flower on it is probably Victorian,   The MOP is pretty old as well.  It's hard to date buttons because most of the styles and types were used for YEARS,   And There are sooo many of them!

The navy button was sold to me as WWII.  I have my doubts on that, but it's all metal so that means it's at least much older than what would be on current uniforms.

The glass one it's extra hard to judge.  The dealer that sold it to me told me it's vintage, but I know that buttons like this had huge popularity in the early 90's and several Czech companies "copied" old designs, in some cases using the original molds that were 100 years old.  I'm guessing it's a "authentic" reproduction,  so it's definitely in the vintage style.  So vintage or not, these rings represent just a quick look at my 3 boxes of buttons.  Three boxes of buttons, and I've lost count of boxes of beads, stones, cabs, and now bunches of vintage parts.  Boxes I get to go through as time allows to fondle and dream and create with.  (And some just to hoard.. I admit it)

Some days I just have the Best Job in the 'verse!

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