Saturday, April 1, 2017

Updating my Booth Display

So Today was all about mocking up my booth display and test out some of the new ideas I have for it.
I've long been tired of my top drapes being so influenced by the wind.  We have little clips we can add to the table cloth on windy days but it looks kind of tacky.  So I've been thinking of other solutions including such things as weighted table cloths, and try to upscale my booth in the process.  I think we got !

You can see the contrast in the above picture.  The aqua drape is the old, the bamboo surface is the new.   It won't be flopping around in the wind!  I love the dark, rich texture the bamboo gives, and I think it goes great with the vintage vibe we try to have in the booth.. since most of my jewelry has vintage pieces in it!

So here is a sneak peek at two tables.  I won't guarantee you will see exactly this when you come to my booth this season, but I think I've got it almost there.  We are not using the singer sewing machine box this year, nor the cash register drawer.  Still have the adding machine case for bracelets though.  See the great clock in the background?   I used that for awhile at the gallery, and we liked how it looked so much it's now apart of our regular display!

The other kewl new "old" display is the radio on the other table.

Now that I've worked through most of the layout, I know what I need to fix and replace.  I also have a rough count of the pieces of jewelry I need to have a full display.

Now I've got to pack it all away again.  UGH.  At least it's not in the rain :)

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