Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just for Fun

As a artist, some pieces have deep meaning to me.  I use my art to work out emotional conflicts in my life, to try to understand the meaning of the universe and share my discoveries with others.

And sometimes, it's just pure, unadulterated fun!  I would place this owl firmly in the 2nd category!  I had fun conceiving it, I had fun making it, and it makes me smile just to look at it.

This piece was made during girl's weekend about a month ago, so right there it has a major leg up on the whole "happy" spectrum.  I took the owl with me and I knew I wanted to use small watch gears in the eye area. Beyond that it just grew organically.   When I put the gears in the eyes, it looked good but they didn't pop.  So I added the cobalt color in behind.  Once I started to pull the other elements in, and figured out the wings were going to be apart of this... they had to be colored as well.

I've had the hat in my pile for some time.  I worked the crystals on it well over a year ago, and then couldn't decide what story it wanted to tell.  So  there it sat in the pile... when the ideas started to gel on the owl I wanted a hat.  I was going to use a crown but none of them looked right.. then I remembered the hat and it fit perfect!!   (however I still want to do an owl with a crown.. hm hm hm)

Since Mr owl definitely had a steampunk vibe going on with gear eyes and all, I added a vintage watch face to the hat as well.

The final touch is he looks like he's perched on something...  so I added the key for that.
putting it all together stage.... 

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