Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juries are a funny thing....

I've been doing art shows for some years now, and the part that always boggles the mind is the jury process. You can get into the same show year after year, and then suddenly you don't. It used to bother me, but it doesn't so much anymore. You can apply to a show 4 years in a row, and suddenly they like you.

I tried for a really big show in MN this year, and just got my reject on Friday. I was .... disgruntled .... for about 10 minutes. Then I dusted myself off, checked my list of back ups and applied to another show for that weekend.

I would have loved to to do that show, but it's just part of the business, some you win some you lose. Maybe next year I can do it.

Saturday I got 2 acceptances in the mail. It all balances out.

Friday I also applied to Market Day , which is one of my favorite shows last year. Market Day is the local Indie art show that's monthly between May and October, and then one last show on Black Friday in November. It's mostly filled with kewl, funky, younger artists, and has this great energy. Half the fun is just walking around talking to the vendors, and the crowd that shows up are fun, funky, and all ages, and are ready for the experience. That's a good way to put it, Market Day is as much a happening as a art show.

I applied this year to every slot but one. Fingers crossed, I really really really want to get in to all the dates I possibly can! Fun Fun Fun!

I have 4 slots this year at Farmer's Market. I always enjoy Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market.

I'll be getting my website updated with dates shortly.

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