Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sneak Peek on new displays!

Last weekend I had a BLAST! working in my new displays with a sprinkling of old. Here is a couple of pics as a peek.. I was trying to work out groupings based on my jewelry "lines", so it may or may not end up quite like this, as I keep experimenting. I love the new mirror.... The stand up metal shelves in the back I bought at a thrift store for a buck each! I suspect they are gardening thingies, but they work great to give my booth set up more layers! I have a couple of displays I need to "build" which I"m hoping to get to this coming weekend or next..
I love the copper spinning racks from last year so they are staying. The back bust is on top of a can which I am planning on covering with fabric that matches my booth. ( one of those "displays" I need to make)

Anyway, just a glimpse, so make sure you make it out to one of my shows to see the whole new setup! Just check out my show Schedule for a good day!

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