Monday, April 25, 2011

What's on the Desk 04/25/2011

I love the color variations of Fancy Jasper! I envision Sterling silver artfully and Elegantly wrapped around the focal bead, and the necklace mostly being the chips with a few of the larger beads to give it some texture. Can't wait to get back to this! Probably tomorrow, because Mondays is List Artfire Day. I am trying to list 3 to 5 new pieces of jewelry every week, and I"m really proud of myself.. I've only missed 2 weeks since I started in November... OK, I admit I might have been late a few times! I've also updated my Show Schedule to include 2 more shows, The Art Store Art Show May 14th and Oskaloosa Art on the Square June 11th. I'll be posting more shows as I get notified!

I'm also working on updating my destash shop on Artfire. I still have a couple of lots of sterling silver charms, some great destash of glass beads, and Vintaj natural brass components. It's also "what's on the desk on my blog" and I try to catch up on facebook, twitter, and emails.

Tuesdays are suppose to be "studio day" where I get to go up to my room and spend most of the evening creating. Unlike listing each week, that's not been happening very regularly. Real life gets in the way. Still I always have to be the optimistic that this Tuesday will actually be as advertised and I'll get a decent chunk of time to make stuff. As a realist, I'm grateful for the 1/2 hour I typically get! LOL

Thank goodness for the weekends... Until shows start in 2 weeks ( ACK! 2 WEEKS!!) I can have time to play!

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