Thursday, April 28, 2011


I normally try to do 3 blogs a week... Mondays is usually "whats on the desk" day, where I share what I'm working on, and the others are about whatever I think of at the time. I usually try to think of topics the day before... Today's blog should be a gushing report on getting my new table cloths delivered, or that I'm making mommie tag's for Mom's day or something cheery like that.

Instead I can hardly stand to be at the computer and type. My guts are all twisted up one minute, and the next I'm crying. I scream at my husband without cause, and the next I"m all weepy. My thinking gets warped.. and my emotional reactions are all out of proportion. And then I might be normal for an hour or two, until something sets me off again. I absolutely hate this. I feel like a total stupid head and mentally diseased. I feel out of control. Sometimes I'll start PMS-ing and not realize that's the problem. Then I really feel crazy!

I don't get PMS every time, or if I do, the level varies. I would estimate this month it's "high". My original plans for the evening were to quickly get my computer stuff done, wash some dishes, work on my slides, watch Buffy with the family, and then run up to the studio and make a few things and hopefully not stay up too late. Instead I am thinking a night of reading is a much much better idea- a safer one. I think me with hammers and tools with pointy thingies would not be a good idea at all today. That or I will rust my tools from the tears!!

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