Monday, April 11, 2011

What's on the Desk 04/11/11

This weekend I've been working on a series of charm necklaces on chain. Of the dozen or so I made so far, this one is my favorite!! It has a real steampunk feel, and I love the movement on it.. the 2 gears can turn, and the way I have attached to the chain, the whole pendant shifts back and forth as you walk around. Now normally a pendant shifting around like that would be considered poor workmanship, but it's so kewl and part of the concept for this one.
Here is a shot of my very messy desk right now.. here are some of the necklaces I've made this weekend, and the back row you can see some of the chain I'm using and components waiting their turn to become a charm necklace. Hard to see but there are some painted brass pieces, a brass moon, and some larger crystals, among other little bits and pieces.

Here is a closer shot of a few of the necklaces. Coming to shows this summer, be sure to check out my schedule to see them in person.. or better yet, if you are in Des Moines, book a jewelry show.

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