Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Doesn't this picture just want to make you drool?? These pieces I just bought this morning!

I love garage sales and flea markets, and it's such a lovely day today, and I have some birthday money, I just had to go.

The Iowa State Fair grounds has a huge flea market every month but August.. I don't think I've made one since maybe March due to shows, so going today was wonderful!

This is a really old picture ( it's backed by dark brown metal.. poss tin type? ) I bought it, believe it or not, for $1.00. It's brass-lined bezel glass , and it looks like maybe it was part of a locket. Hard to see in these pictures, but the bezel is very sharp and sparkly, which is why I noticed it. When I got it home I found out the picture wasn't permanently mounted in the glass bezel frame, so I can use them together or not, as it strikes my fancy. This is just unusual and really kewl! The picture was cut to fit this frame, I'm guessing it's pretty darn old! The bezel looks hand cut, which definitely dates it.

I spent $23.00 total on jewelry finds. Since I'm making more and more jewelry using chain, I've kept an eye out for interesting chains. Most of the chains I bought are probably in the 10-20 years old, but are in great shape.

I also bought a really nice vintage ( probably 1950's, it's strung on very fine tiny chain!) crystal necklace, and few nice glass/crystal pins.I did purchase a few other odds and ends... and cookies!! There are always a few booths selling baked goods... vintage jewelry and baked goods! and and got a couple of paperbacks, and some Tupperware...... really had a lovely morning!


Kathleen Pirro said...

Sounds like a great day, with some good finds!!!!!

Angela Meijer said...

sounds amazing!!! love flea market finds :-)

Angela Meijer said...

how fun! really love the old photo and bevel glass find! so cool.