Saturday, October 22, 2011

A tale of redo...... or how I want a happy customer!

Still cleaning out my photo files, and ran across my mistake. I hate Making Mistakes!!!! OK , OK, who does ? But when I make a designing error it just makes me cringe inside... The last thing I want is a customer not able to trust my work! I don't make alot of design errors ( at least I hope not!) but most of them are around tricky wickets like sizing issues and clasps. If you recall, I made this gorgeous and kewl etched bracelet...

It sold at the first show I had it at, and fortunate for me, to a good friend of mine. (Actually her boyfriend bought it for her on the sly, good boy!) When she ran into problems with it, she came to me directly and didn't hide the fact.

She wore it just once and it came off twice. A quick look suggested that the handmade toggle bar wasn't long enough. I think if the toggle had been round, it would have been, but since it's square, it has "corners" and if the bar scooted catty-corner, it could slip out. Add to the fact the bracelet is heavy, and it just about guaranteed to fall off.

ARRGH! such a stupid mistake !!
Since it was an out of town show, The choices were to fix it on site, or fix it at home and then mail it to her. She really wanted to wear it right then and there.. so I dug through my stuff and after much thought, I came up with this solution. I took the Vintaj hinge and textured it with my hammer, and with copper wire wound the original bar on top of it. Now it might be alittle 2 long, but as the happy owner is a steampunk fan she loved the new addition!!

The lession is I like happy customers that love to wear my jewelry. I want it to fit right, to be confy and of course attract compliments.

So If I messed something up, or if you just need something resized let me know! As much as I kick myself for errors I know about, it terrifies me to think of all of the ones I don't! Don't hesitate to approach me if something isn't working for you that I've made, especially if I have a design flaw involved. I will fix/repair/resize anything for free at least once (short of running over it with your car !) within the first year, and possibly longer.

I would much rather know, and fix it and make it right, than to have that bad karma floating around me unknown.

And I do learn from my mistakes.. I've made another etched bracelet ( and have plans for more) and I guarantee the toggle bar is long enough on it!

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