Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing the "grand tour"

Isn't she a cutie?? aw............

OK, now that I've got that out of my system, I've been looking around my studio trying to decide what is next.

I have 1 more show, (East Village Bazaar Oct 16Th) and I'm looking at signing up for a couple maybe in December. So really, I'm done for the year!!! Oh the Freedom to do whatever I want to!!! oh the lack of motivation and creative energy as i"m burned out.

So the last few weeks I've taken it easy, I haven't really made myself make things, caught up on real life stuff in the household and even cleaned up the studio alittle.

refreshed somewhat, I look around my studio, at the thousands of beads, findings, vintage jewelry, tools,books and mags and odd bits and I'm not sure what to do next.

I started thinking that it's time to really revisit my collection. I do this every couple of years.... go through my stuff and weed out the goodies I no longer want ( which I destash on etsy.. ) and get inspired by materials I've forgotten I have. Sometimes I think the fun of making jewelry is as much the search for that perfect component as it is in the making of it!

So I'm going through every box, container and drawer in my studio and making something from each one, and I'll journal most of them here.

I'm calling it the "Grand Tour" . In part because I've been reading regency books lately and it's what all the "ton" did back then. It also captures the scope of the project and it just sounds kewl!

I'm not going to go in any peculiar order, just as the mood strikes.

But I'm going to have fun!!

I'm also going to start listing new items again on Artfire.. so be looking out for new stuff !

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