Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marshalltown Bead Bash 2011

This weekend (Fri & Sunday) was the 9Th Annual Marshalltown bead Bash. I went down Friday night with friends Anne & Jodie, to check it out.

There were fewer vendors than in past years, but that never stops me from finding goodies!

Here is a shot of all of my stash. I got some brass in sheets and in bracelet form for more fun with etching. I bought some really nice irregular drops in fancy jasper ( one of my favorites, a lovely mix of neutral tones ranging from green to pinkish) a great cab and of course, a bunch of crystals. I can't help it, I love the sparklies!
I feel in love with this cab! It's candy corn shaped piece of Mookite with a great range of colors on it! It's more pinkish than it shows in the pic. It's going to be super fun to wrap!
the crystals, droool!

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