Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grand Tour II: my Fused Glass Cabs

I really really really need to get back to fusing... I'm feeling the urge very strongly but I need to get that side of the studio cleaned up and a couple thousand comics out of the way. sign.

In honor of these feelings ( and the fact it's going to take months to list and sell the comics and I really don't have anywhere else to put them) I decided to explore my box of fused glass pendants next.
Here is a shot of some of the goodies waiting their turn to be wrapped! Or filigreed, or something...

I selected this lovely purple cab. Like many of my cabs it's got glass recycled from blown glass art pieces. I bought several points of broken bits a couple of years ago and incorporate them into my cabs.

It's wrapped in 21 GA sterling silver.

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