Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grand Tour III: 2 holed beads.

I'm taking a grand tour of my jewelry making stash, box by box. Some of the adventures I'll be sharing here on my blog.

I adore 2 hole beads!!! Most of them in my collection is tasty vintage stock, or made from vintage tooling.
Sketching some ideas out.. I used the last one...

I rarely use them, partly because I'm a dragon... hording all of my precious stock!! But partly because I don't know what to do with them.

Because 2 holed beads are so very special, I want to use them in designs that are special and require 2 hole beads to work.

Coming up with a good strong design that couldn't be done any other way than using 2 hole beads is difficult.

That's one of the things that is making my grand tour of the studio so much fun... It's forcing me to use materials I generally don't.
Here's my 2 hole stash!!

It gets my creative juices flowing, as witnessed by my sketch book! I ended up making simple earrings out of some great vintage flat pieces but I came up with ideas for the future.

I love these! They are so old most of the paint has worn off of them! They look very 1920s-30's to me.. but who knows??

Since the paint/inking on them was so faded, I used my green sharpie to pick the detail back out.. then added crystals. Simple, but funky and usual... I love vintage!!

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