Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Hop UPDATE!

I've just been informed by my Hop partner KJ of Silver Parrot Designs that I misidentified the focal..... they are ceramic Raku made by Star spirit Studios (check out the feet and hands they have in Raku... makes my mouth water and my brain think good creative thoughts....)
The clasp is copper with heat patina by Patricia Healey ( she doesn't seem to have much in her shop right now... I also found her work on Lima Beads check out the lockets.. yummy!) Since I just started to play around with torch patina, I'm awe of the colors on this clasp!! I want to be able to do that!! ( I kind of thought when I first saw it that it was heat patina, but then thought naaa! 2 colorful! lol)

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Silver Parrot said...

Love the posts and the photos look great. I did a teaser post on my blog today and got the photos taken. I should have them processed tonight and posted tomorrow.