Wednesday, February 1, 2012

more adventures in glass

I'm trying to make a filigree candle holder. You take many pieces of scrap glass, arrange in a pleasing manner and fire it at full fuse. Then you fire it a 2ND time on slump mold. Well, my first attempt --- not so good. I think I had 2 many gaps so when it slumped, it pulled away. I might have fired it 2 long or 2 hot since it wasn't a single piece of glass also... and I have cracks in a couple of places. ugh.

Here is my 2ND try, pre - fire. When it came out of the kiln the first time, it seemed much better fused and not as many gaps ( but hopefully enough gaps to make it look good!)

I ran the 2ND fire last night, and this morning while the glass was alittle 2 hot to handle, I took some pics.
here it is upside down!

This one turned out much better. There is no gaping and I can't find any cracked glass ( when I ran it this time I reduced the top temperature by 10 degrees and I didn't hold it quite as long) I'll inspect closer tonight, when it's cool enough to touch! I know I don't like this corner that sort of poked out of the side:

I think I'll give the candle holder one more try, but maybe I'll do solid clear base and just decorate it with a sprinkling of other colors/ dichro.

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