Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Heat is On....

Metal that is!!

Now that I have all of these lovely cut out bits in copper and bronze, it's time to add color them. I've played with alchol inks and paint before, but today I wanted to experiment with heat patinas. About half my bits are brass, and half are copper. The copper colored wonderfully... by the time I got to the last few bits I think I got the hang of it.. it doesn't take long to get a great purply-red and almost no time to loose it to an inky black. However black has it's place also.. but my point is it takes very little direct flame to color the copper.

The brass didn't color as well. That's OK, I'll do some more experiments on them.. I think maybe I need more flame, but the results are not consistent enough to be sure.. I'll do some research and try again. The top pic is brass, and the picture doesn't capture it well, but it has a very light pinkish shine in places.
None of the pictures capture the colors as bright as they are in person... I'll have to work on that as well!
Here is a group shot of all the copper I played with today.
Gorgeous color!!
only inky black! but I cleaned it off everything but the recesses and wow, it looks great! It turned the copper a darker color overall, I really like how it looks!
great hues from purple to green on this one!

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