Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grand Tour: blanks and browns

I'm taking a grand tour of my jewelry making stash, box by box. Some of the adventures I 'll be sharing here on my blog
This one is all about wanting to play with my new toys. I finally got my hands on the new Vintaj embossing /etching plates and had to experiment. Now mind, this was in November, I'm running a few blog entries behind. So I had all of these lovely art metal pieces featuring owls, so of course I needed to make something with them!

I have so many browns and yellows, and most of them are vintage glass

I am so into chain right now, but I wanted something else to make the pieces pop. Owls like many birds have gorgeous coloration, including very striking black and brown markings. That made me think of some vintage brown beads I have that are called "tortoise shell" because they are this great swirly mix of browns, creams and blacks. Perfect for owls!!