Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mental Health Weekend....

Blues & purple, with dichro

I took Friday off from work as a mental health day. I finally got everything put away from my show last weekend, cleaned my studio ( and actually touch base in general house cleaning, as it's been neglected long enough to bother even my high threshold for dirty house!) and finally, finally got to play with glass. The nice thing is I"m pretty much free from household chores for the rest of the weekend cause I got most of it done Friday! WOOT!

I have 2 glass runs ready to go. I'm trying to make a artsy, net-like candle holder, so these 2 pictures show the glass ready to melt in the kiln. I put the top picture load in last night, and I'll run the blue/green load in tonight. My kiln will be cool enough soon so I 'll see what it looks like.. can't wait!!

Once I have the glass cleaned up, I'll run them trough the kiln again on the mold to slump them into shape.

Blues and Greens

Here's what my glass desk looks right right now... I'm setting up a pendant batch right now.
I went to the beady garage sale at Artistic Bead this morning... some really yummy stuff!
This crystal is to die for!!!
I got some yummy crystals, odd and ends, brass bits, metal clay tools, and a run of Art Jewelry from 2007. After the sale went out to eat at Maxie's for lunch with a friend. They really do have great onion rings!

And I stop by Nan's Nummies and got treats for this afternoon.

The only way this weekend would be better is if I get my package today.. but it's OK if I don't. With the garage sale stuff I've got hours of fun already.

Still, it's been an excellent weekend so far, I feel much more mentally healthy!

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