Saturday, January 28, 2012

This has been a good day!

Here's a peek at what I am working on right now!

Got up, got out of bed, ran a comb across my head....

OK, this isn't a Beatles song, but it's been a very good day, busy, productive and all around feel good kind of day.

Today was my Annual book treat outing to my Mom.

Every year for Christmas I buy my mom a gift card to Half-Price Books. That's only half of the present though, cause we make a day of it, hitting the book store, hitting Nan's Nummies for fudge ( and cookie for me!) and then out to eat somewhere. That's at a minimum.

We both look forward to our afternoon together, especially as we share a huge love of books. Mom got to reminiscing in the car this time around, and I learned that she still has a school friend who lives in Des Moines ( they both grew up in another state and moved to Iowa at different times)

They were friends from at least 5Th grade on, which means they have been friends for 70 years. They used to walk to school together.


That's just so amazing!

I was suppose to pick up with Mom around 1pm, and since I got up early I putzed around the house, goofed on the computer and still had time to kill.

So I started working on something that's been teasing my brain for the last week or so... you can see a sneak peek at the top. I figured I could get it started, see if it would work or not... and after an hour of work I just couldn't stop.. I called Mom and she graciously agreed to a later pick up. Now I'm working with metal... cuting, bending, pounding, filing, and polishing. After almost 4 hours solid working with metals my both my hands hurt! I don't regret working on my new projects --- I'm very excited about them!! --- but maybe next time I'll chunk it out alittle and take a bunch of breaks to give my hands a rest.

I just wanted to get it finished so I could get to my Mom! I finally got all the pieces to the point where I could run them in the tumbler ( the photo is the load for the tumbler.. not everything pictured is for my current piece) and Left to pick Mom up.

I also set up the kiln to run a glass load while I was gone... I'm keeping fingers crossed that it turns out ... I'll have to check it either late tonight or tomorrow morning, it's still alittle hot right now.

It's almost 9pm now, I'm thinking I will just settle in and read one of the new books I have ( I scored a Georgette Heyer!! I haven't snagged a new Georgette in almost 2 months) and let my hands settle down ... and tomorrow I'll go to work again.

So great day... family, metalwork, fused glass, bakery goods and books. Woot!

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