Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random chores

Last batch of glass almost a month ago... urrrrrr!

I can't wait to get back to glass this weekend!!! I have 1 commission, and then I can do whatever I want this weekend in the studio!!

Well, actually I"ll probably clean it. Getting ready for that show last weekend I've not really put anything away, just stirred stuff on my desk around.

But I"m dyin' to get back to glass.

And I need to clean the house.. at least alittle. Or they will take away my Wife and Mom licence for making my family live in a substandard way. Damn.

This weekend is the Beady Garage Sale at the local shop.. I always look forward to that!
( I need to remember to buy black matte seeds in 6 or 8 or both.. almost out.....)

I'm working on a big order with some friends.. got to get that done too.

And I need to keep working on getting my jewelry transferred from Artfire to Etsy.

OH, and my daughter state play competition starts this weekend.. and I promised my mom to take her to the book store....

OH CRAP! I have 2 weeks to do my end of year taxes for the business and pay sales tax for 3-4 states.

I need to pull my Bead Soup Blog goodie bag for my partner Silver Parrot (OK, that's more of a pleasure than a duty!!)

ugh. Maybe I won't get to glass this weekend after all.... rats

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