Wednesday, January 25, 2012

who cares about chores????

I have so MANY things that need to be done right now... household chores, researching art shows, filling out apps, doing bills, finishing up a commission, etc etc etc.

But I don't care!!

I order almost 2 lbs of mixed brass stampings, vintage glass cabs, vintage odds and ends, and it came in the mail today.

I'm going to sort, fondle, organize, and dream about what I'll make with my new goodies. I'm gonna put them in piles that make sense only to me, and store them in plastic bags. I'm going to count them and get some idea of what they cost me per piece. Some I'll put aside to sell on etsy, out with but most will be lovingly away in my stash. I might even make something tonight with them.

But I"m taking the night off and enjoying my treasure hunt!!

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