Wednesday, February 29, 2012

glass is in the kiln, happy in the heart

Here is my favorite from this run! I love making donuts!

I think I finally got a handle on frit casting, woot! Before, I've had serious problems with air bubbles. A few bubbles are OK, but I would get so many it looked like boiling water under the surface of the glass!

While I can imagine when that look might indeed be fabulous and exactly what one would want, but bubbles ruin the 3D effect of Dichro glass.

So the last couple of times I frit casted I've slowing been turning down the temp a few degrees and adjusted how long I hold at this or that temperature. I've also figured out to be very frugal on using fine frit.. larger frit works much better. I have another frit load running tonight, and hopefully it will confirm my findings!

Here it is in the kiln, ready to be turned on!Here they are out of the kiln! notice how it's sort of pinkish/purple above, and white here? The kiln wash is colored so you can ensure even coverage, and then turns white when you fire.
close up ... notice the sharpies on the edges... I'll knock them off or gently grind them, and then probably run them through the kiln again for a fire polish...

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