Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random, no, rambling....

I think I"m catching a cold. hate that.

The only thing I want to blog about is how my Bead Soup Blog Party project is going. I finally have an idea I'm excited about!! But I can't really talk about that or share pictures until Revel day March 3rd. OK, I will give a hint, subject to change depending on how my idea goes: copper. Bawh hahahahahaha (evil laugh of course!)

Course today is housework day, which means catching up the kitchen, hitting the bathrooms and general pick up. ugh. Good thing I have poor standards, otherwise I would never get any artwork done!

I've been working on another round of applications for shows this summer. I tend to work 2-3 at a time. I'm starting to get some info back.. I"ll be in CountrySide Village Art Fair again this year in June, yeah! (or at least they have cashed my check) In the next few weeks I should be hearing back from several other art shows.

Here is a show I wish I was in, but it's a game convention weekend (and I'm not allowed to book those weekends) : Sycamore Market in Iowa City.
They seem super nice, and I know some of the artist's who will be in it on March 31Th. So if you are in Iowa City, it's got to be worth the trip to check out local talent and have a good time!

I hope to get back to glass this weekend once I get my blog party piece done. That is if I can get it done. (hint: copper) (hehehehe)

Well, it's time to swish the toilets. oh joy.

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