Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! and more Heyer

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! Mine has been as good as expected, if not exactly romantic. Romance is a little hard when everyone in the house either has a cold or is fighting one. Jerry and Jess have it, i"m still gamely fighting that, or possibly a sinus infection. The Netti pot is getting a quite the workout right now, is all I"m gonna say about that!

So tonight for Valentine's day Jerry and I headed out to B & N, and I bought 2 more Heyer's ... Devil's Cub and Venetia. Then we got take out and ate at home, so not to infect all of greater Des Moines.

I love the current printing of the Heyer's books: Sourcebooks.com. Lovely, trade paperback editions, large print and great cover art. It was also started by a woman, and seems to cater to women. Got to love that in a book company!

Strange but true: I adore Heyer's Regencies, not so much the other historials, and not so much her mysteries. So I'm trying to buy all the regencies she wrote, preferably via the Sourcebook imprint.

I took a minute and realized I"m not far from my goal... I"m only 14 books shy. Of course not all of them have been reprinted yet but will be in the next year or two.

I'm missing Pistols for Two, Spring Muslin, The quiet Gentleman, April Lady, The Masqueraders, and Powder and Patch . The rest I'll have to wait til they are printed!

Now, if I'm good, I"ll go back to packing for my trip, if I"m bad, I"m going back to my newest Heyer book!!!


Silver Parrot said...

Oh no way! You are a Georgette Heyer fan, too? Squeeee!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her books! Which is your favorite?

Kat BM said...

I adore Heyer!! favorite.. hm... Fredricka and Arabella probably.. I can have 2 right??