Friday, February 17, 2012

Roving Reporter - Special Report

It is once more that time of year when this reporter can spy glimpses of the famous beading artist, Kat out and about on her journeys. This year brought unusually balmy weather and with it, the giddy need to shop. Kat was joined in Omaha, Nebraska by her cohorts, Cathie and Sue along with their faithful retainer, Matthew. The trio with husband Jerry and Matthew in tow slipped into the exclusive restaurant and bar called Wheatfields, where they have met before. From glimpses in the windows (this reporter has been banded due to an unfortunate incident with a potted palm), it could be seen that the group had most of the restaurant to themselves. It was apparent that the restaurant owners were being their normal accommodating and gracious selves. The group lingered over lunch, apparently making plans for the ensuing day and after transferring some light weekend luggage, Jerry returned to the home he shares with the artist, their daughter and a bevy of feline companions.

Following the target, this reporter slipped into traffic behind the pale silver cloud of a mini-van. The driver nearly evaded me, but I was able to reacquire Kat's transport at a particularly fortuitous change of lights. After only a few miles, the van pulled into the unobtrusive parking lot outside an exclusive store the bead artists' favor for the finest in supplies and inspiration pieces. The owner pf Papio Creek Beads, Kathy, is a long-time friend to the artists and the three artists spent an hour or more pouring over new acquisitions, discussing shows, and making new purchases according to an inside source who was there at the time.

Following the short visit, the friends all returned to the van and they turned northward to the exclusive Littles' Resort and Spa where the artist had taken retreat to in the past. It is obvious that the impeccable service and luxury accommodations have not wained in the previous year. This year, this reporter came prepared for the ever-vigilant guard dogs and was able to catch a glimpse of the three artists at their work at custom-tables surrounded with a truly dizzying array of sparkle and flash from beads, crystals, semi-precious stones and metals of every description.

In the afternoon, the group took a light break for a lunch to celebrate Sue's birthday with other family and friends. Following the meal, Kat and Cathie did a bit more shopping in Sioux Falls and returned to the Resort for more creativity and visiting. Dinner was catered by a tiny, but favorite Chinese restaurant known by the owners of the spa.

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Hi Kat - I've stopped by to say Hello before the big "blog hop" party. You've a great sense of humor here and fun blog.....not to mention the designs.