Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Sale: full 48 typewriter key set from 1935 Royal

full set from 1935 royal typewriter, now available on my etsy site
These are removed from the metal stems/levers, and we have grounded them down to little snubs/flat on the back. 
Please note, these have haven't been clean, they are all complete, no broken glass.  some have light rust spots 

49 keys total, 44 "small" just over 1/2 inch, and 4 large keys, approx 3/4th inches.  Black with white lettering. 1 is slightly smaller in orange, saying margin release

All 49 keys have been detached from metal stems, and lightly grounded down for your jewelry/crafty pleasure. 

Here is the 1935 typewriter before we took it apart.  This is the real deal, and a steal... how many typewriter keys have you seen that don't tell you what machine they are from, or how old? these keys are almost 80 years old!  and it's a complete set!

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