Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm selling jewelry this weekend, better pics on the royal cuff, met my blog partner Maria !

You can see the numbering, which is faded.  I can do maybe 2 more of these judging by the typewriters I have handy at the moment, but they won't be as wide.  Would it be better to "fix" the lines and numbers so they stand out more, or leave it natural like this?

I love how it looks on the inside, you can really tell it came from something old!
First things First, I'm so very please to announce I'll be showing my steampunk and industrial chic jewelry this weekend at Community Game Night at Westview Church.  I'm planning on being set up from 5 to probably 9 or 10, though the gaming continues up to 11pm.  They are having a steampunk themed game night, people are invited to come in costume and enjoy playing games both steampunk or regular board games.  It's a good, fun family event, so even if you don't want to see or buy my jewelry it's a hoot to attend!  I will have all of my jewelry with me, but I"ll focus my display on the theme of course.  I'm really looking forward to this Sat!

I'm very excited about the Bead Soup Blog Hop as well.. met my Partner this year, Maria Rosa Sharrow! You can see her blog and shop, and I can't wait to see what she's sending me, I'm sure it will be a rare treat!  I really like what she does with butterfly wings... check it out on her Etsy shop.

I finally got less lazy and dug out my light box and took better pics of some of my more recent jewelry... I've included much much better shots of the royal typewriter cuff bracelet. (you can see the icky photo again if you want to here )

Here is something I run into incorporating vintage pieces in my designs... when to fix or not to fix.   I've already sealed the cuff but the yellow numbers and lines are almost gone in places.. should I have "fixed" it so it was more distinct or is it better to leave as is, worn off in places.  I have a couple more typewriters soon to give up their non working lives, and I might be able to make a couple more cuffs along these lines.  They are also worn in places... they will be thinner, almost like bangles, because the line guild is in 2 pieces on the later models, which makes me adore this one all the more.

decisions decisions decisions...

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Shaiha said...

Prepare to be spoiler. Maria was my partner for the last hop.