Monday, February 25, 2013

turning over a new leaf.....

Leaf heat patina, sealed, tube riveted watch face, then wrapped on the bird and crystals.

I really like this one.  Vintage clock part, butterfly and crystals.  really lovely movement on this one, which I can't really capture in a photo!

no vintage on this one, but still really cute flower and dragonfly
OK, I lied, in my ever increasing desperation of coming up with cute blog titles! But, I did make these 3 bracelets on the Girls weekend.  Notice, while all are the same idea ( large leaf & chain bracelet) they are all different.  It's not any fun to make the same thing over and over.  These bracelets proved popular last year, and I don't think I've made one exactly the same.. again, where is the fun in that?

More girl's weekend pics next time!

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Shaiha said...

I bet that they will prove to be popular again. I just love them especially the second one.