Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post Steampunk Night.... next up, Girl's Weekend!

 I think it went really well! I sold some stuff, made some contacts, and it crystallized my desire to get more involved with the Iowa Steampunk group.  In short, I've got to work on a costume!

I also think I need to work on a line of steampunk pins/broaches.  So far I've made 2 and they are gone. 

Something to work on this week!!

I'm on vacation all week for 2 reasons: 1/ get all of my annual doctor visits out of the way.  By Wednesday afternoon, I will have been poked and prodded from one end to the other.  I'm not going to get more specific.. you really don't want to hear it anyway!

The rest of the week will be much more pleasant.... as it's GIRLS WEEKEND!!!  woo hoo!!!

Cathie, Sue and I will be meeting up on Weds night in Omaha, stay the night, shop and drive the rest of the way to Sioux Falls South Dakota, where I will once again be spending several nights at the lovely Littles' Resort and Spa (otherwise known as Cathie's guest bedroom) where I will be pampered and cared for like a movie star.

As usual, I'll be taking a bunch of stuff with me (if you listen to Jerry, over half the studio, but since I don't bring all 13 of my hammers, it's hardly that.  maybe 1/4th? lol)  to play with and I have every happy expectation of making great jewelry!!

Cathie and Sue are keen to learn more about metalsmithing this time around, and are in the mistaken belief I know what I'm doing.  Still I'm happy to share what little knowledge I have, and I've promised Jerry most faithfully I won't burn down Cathie's house, anymore than I would my own.


Since Sue is also somewhat steampunky inclined, I'm going to bring some of my raw cogs & gears to play with.  I'm also planning to bring all of my brass stampings .... I did last year but the collection as grown some in the meanwhile.   (play happy music)

Today's goals are simple: catch up housework, start packing around the edges, and make something pretty, kewl or both.

I'm enjoying my vacation week!
Rings with vintage clock gears, watch face.  They are adjustable
Pin made with vintage clock gears

My friend Gary took this photo of me selling last night

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AliMc said...

Can't wait to se your steampunk costume! I wasn't aware that there were Steampunk associations until now.