Friday, February 8, 2013

Steampunk Game Party Preview......

the keyhole is vintage salvaged I bought at a flea market.  Painted butterfly by Moi, chain and dangles of course

Swirl earrings from 1935 royal typewriter
The meaning of Life and everything... vintage #'s from 1950-1968 N.C.R. company cash register.

Etched copper and brass segmented bracelets

Cog from cash register (on the edge is date info, which marked the cash register receipts) and crystal from vintage chandelier
 Stop by Westview Church tomorrow and check out Community Game Night ... the theme is steampunk.  come in costume.. there will be prizes.  Board games, both steampunk and not, and of course I"ll have my jewelry set up  5-8:45pm .  It's gonna be fun...
Larger "stars" are from a vintage craftsmen tool part.

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