Sunday, March 10, 2013

Curb shopping

I don't normally curb shop.  I have nothing against it, it's a way to reduce, reuse, recycle, and I've put things on the curb myself... often listing it on Craig list.  I can put a post on Craig list and 2 hours later, the item is my history and someone Else's day maker.

Normally I don't see anything that I want... or we are too busy to stop and it's gone by the time we do.

But this weekend Jerry and I saw this table on the way to work... and I had lust in my heart.  It's nothing special -- its just a side table, but it's in pretty good condition and it's solidly built. 

We didn't have time to stop.

On the way home from work, Jerry told me it was still there, and if I really wanted it, he would stop.

So I did, and he did, and now we have a solid little table for the studio.

In the back of my mind, I even think I might tile it some point in the future.  It's not antique, but it's very well made and I love the lines.  I can sit on it with nary a wiggle.. and let me tell you that is sturdy!  It's all wood too.. not press board so it's not as heavy as it looks.  The top is rough... which makes me thing of tile or decoupage or something.  It has 3 small drawers in the front, but one is broken.  so I've got it turned around with the back in front, and it looks fine.

It's sort of tall, which I like in the studio.. it's extra surface space to lay things out -- right now I have project trays on it.  It's good to see things spread out and tinker with the designs!

So that's my curb shopping story.

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