Monday, March 11, 2013

random thoughts

I love this one, it has soooo many techniques all rolled into on sweet steampunk necklace!  It features the vintage key I swellegent-ed a few months ago, the butterfly is etched by me, and vintage watch pieces are riveted to it.  and chain... I adore chain!  

My husband the college student ( I do love how that sounds!) will be giving a speech in speech class about our business.  I have this huge desire to somehow sneak in and watch it.  He's quite enthused about it, as this whole steampunk / industrial chic stuff I'm doing is much more to his taste.  It makes it extra nice for me with Jerry more involved. 

And he gets to destroy stuff, so it's a good deal all the way around.  I even bought him his own set of mini- screw drivers for the watches.  He has bolt cutters, a dremel and a hack saw.  If I could only figure out a way for him to use fire in the process, he would be in heaven!

I have acceptance in another art show, I'll be updating my website this week with the shows I know about so far.  It's shaping up to be a great year!  

I'm waiting on farmer's Market notification... fingers are crossed I'll get 5 or more slots again this year.

I just bought a bunch of chain to add to my growing collection of chain.  Chain now takes up 5 Plano boxes.  I think I might be a hoarder.

oh wait, I already know I'm a hoarder.   At least I'm pretty tidy about hoarding... they are in Plano boxes after all. 

Maybe it's more like a dragon hoarding that the tv show type !   ( Shinny! )

I woke up this weekend and realized my first show is now less than 2 months off.  I made 5 bracelets and 3 pins this weekend, and started laying out several more bracelets.

I'm also prepping pieces for more of my watch parts / black triangle bracelets.  Jerry even helped me last night between commercials of Walking Dead ( is that not the most awesome show???) by embossing the triangles, and I sanded and buffed them.  I need to pick up/clean the studio tonight as it's reaching a level of clutter I cannot tolerate.  My hopes are to get everything ship shape tonight, and tomorrow I'll do the rivet/wire work on the triangle components .  By the end of the week I'll have them assembled.

It's time to make more jewelry using salvaged bits and parts.  I've got a good pile now that are clean.  I'm going to dump them out on the work table ( once it's clean) , spread them out, and then see what speaks to me.

As part of Jerry speech, he has a line about I get inspiration from chocolate, romance novels and avoiding house work.  Sounds good to me! 

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