Saturday, March 16, 2013

not in the mood.... ** UPDATED**

**Issued resolved.. everyone is now happy, and it just proves my point.. I need to stop obsessing over little issues.. life is too damn short!!!  and they usually work out in the end anyway.  ***  keep that in mind as you read the rest --- now the original blog:

I don't really feel like blogging today.  I'm in a crappy mood.  No, I won't explain, it will be a disservice to all parties involved.

But it's Saturday, which is one of my blog days, so I need to blog.  At some point show season starts and my blogging habits get haphazard.  I will not allow a crappy mood and my sulky self interrupt the schedule this time!!


So here is a piece a made.... hm.. maybe 6 weeks or so ago? I do love how it turned out.  I used a stamp and a poster-sized marker to make the sun pattern on copper, etched and then added patina.  The thing I did differently on this is I used a piece of scrap copper, since this was a test.  Normally when I etch I use the metal in the shape I want it up front. 

I've used stamps for resist before, with various stamping inks, with mixed results.  I've been looking for a way to get a nice clean, consistent etch with stamps.  I think I have found it... the giant sharpie pens made for poster signs are "wetter" for lack of a better term.. they take longer to dry.  Since the pen is so large, it doesn't take long to get the whole stamp inked up, and I have enough time to apply it to the metal before it drys.  I did a test using a regular sharpie, and it dried too fast to be useful.

Anyway, this was on a scrap piece of copper, so when the sun turned out so well, I had to use it in jewelry.  I very carefully cut around the sun and ended up with this vaguely egg shaped free-form.  I added holes, rivets, dangles and chain.  I think the irregular shape actually enhances the design.  It's good to experiment, no?

I think I feel slightly better just doing my blog.  I hate when I get incensed over something how obsessed I get.  I can't hardly think of anything else but what the issue is.  I get so very one track minded sometimes.  Makes me feel stupid that one little thing can stop me in my tracks.  I will not allow it today.  I'm going to have my nice little breakfast, eat a cookie and then get up in the studio and work dammit! 

And try to have the faith and confidence that it will all work out in the end.

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