Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I think I finally have a name for my industrial jewelry line....

The front.. mostly brass stampings and one of the large 2+ inch cogs from the cash register

Side view, you can see how the cog is balanced .. you can make that puppy twirl in place!
back.. I wanted the back to be, if not pretty, at least acceptable.
 I've been looking for a good name for my current style of jewelry.  I didn't want to just call it steampunk because, well, it's really not. (well some of it is.. )  It's upcycled, recycled, salvaged bits of metal from dead appliances and office equipment mixed in with brass stampings and anything else that looks good at the time.  I'm personally having a ball making what's filling up the land fills into wearable art.

I really liked Industrial Chic... it had that hard edge to it but still conveyed some sense of artwork... and of course I totally forgot it 's the name of a line of jewelry components!!!

While I could probably get away with it, part of what I wanted in a jewelry line name is to convey the sense of wonder and excitement I have making this stuff... using a name already associated with jewelry would be ick... I mean I'm into recycling but not thievery!

So the last few weeks hubby and I have kicked around various names... Industrial Renewal, industrial Objects d Arte ( as suggested by my good Friend Sue) etc etc etc...

A couple of nights ago I think we came up with a winner: Mechanical Romance.  It has a nice ring and I think it conveys the sense of using metal bits to make something lovely! and I'm sure in love with making it!!!

A little net searching, and while there is a band with that name and a wrestling team, I couldn't find any links to jewelry.

So ... introducing what I've already been making for months now... Mechanical Romance.  What do you think??

next up: Bead Soup Blog Hop reveal!! Woot!


Phyllis Y. said...

I like it. Brilliant!

Harry's Handmade Jewelry Ideas said...

Mechanical Romance sounds like your stuff fits,