Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Bug-eye  From cash register made between 1950-1968 and crystal, wire
 Part of being an artist is seeing things that aren't there wherever you look.  Taking apart old mechanical gear I keep seeing faces.  So I"m making a series of them.  To be apart of my faces series, I add 1 additional element to the piece so everyone can see the face, not just me.  Here are the first 3 of the series.  I have 2 more to make.. but I'm sure I'll keep seeing faces as Jerry takes things apart for me.
Miss Little Tooth - from 1960's adding machine, hand etched copper eye, rivets, chain.

Monkey Face  (what else? )  From cash register made between 1950-1968, lips from watch tin from the 80's.


Memories for Life said...

How creative! I really see it in the first and third ones. So clever :)

AliMc said...

I really like these! Very Picasso-esque :)

Beetique said...

these are cool!