Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Butterfly filigree, brass stampings, crystals. 
This is a token blog.  You got a picture, you got text, be happy.

Meanwhile I'm stymied in the studio by the lack of the proper sized nut.  Jerry will go to the hardware store tomorrow and procure the correct size.  I admit, I would love to see the guy's faces when he hands them the half finished piece of jewelry and ask for that size screw. The hardware store is that type that's a dying breed... small, cramped and more helpful old guys per square foot than the big boxes have in a complete week.  It's amazing going in and seeing 4-6 guys running around finding the most obscure bit of hardware possible, tucked in a corner somewhere.  Maybe they have bags of holding hiding in the back... they always seem to find whatever strangeness you are looking for. 

Good guys... If you are in the Des Moines Area, I recommend Miller's Ace Hardware located at 1300 Martin Luther King Dr.  Tell them Kat, the crazy jewelry lady sent ya.


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