Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Girls weekend: last of the pics

vintage pocket watch, brass (painted) clock hand, crystals. 

These look awesome in person.. these are the rusty black finish you can only get at B'Sue's.  I'm really coming to adore this finish.. it's got copper behind it, so when you rub it away, you get copper highlights.  kewl!

More B'sue components, mask with hand bracelets.

This is my favorite piece of the weekend!! I just might have to keep it.. it's a hand-inked vintaj dragonfly attached to a old old clock part with crystal dangle.  the cute little cog above the dragonfly moves!  Every time I look at this piece I just don't know if I can sell it or not, it just speaks to me

I actually started to make this before I went down to South Dakota, but I finished it there.  it's hard to see but it's a window with a old mirror behind it.

another rusty black patina, and parts from a vintage necklace which of course you can't see..

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