Friday, August 7, 2009

Amana Art Show, Middle Amana Park, IA 10-5pm + musings....

admit I'm not looking forward to my show this weekend. I normally do- I like meeting with my customers and other artists. I like seeing all the wonderful creative artwork and displays of my fellow artists. Most shows have such positive energy! It has nothing to do with the show itself... which is the Amana's Art Festival in Middle Amana Park, 10-5pm. It has to do with the weather. This weekend it's going to be hot hot hot and humid humid humid... and windy. I have asthma, and I and humidity do not mix well. (well OK, I know living in Iowa is asking for it.. but I love Iowa!) And if it's windy, then we have to close up the booth to keep jewelry from flying around. You cannot believe how aerodynamic jewelry displays can be!

You might notice that this show isn't on my website... well if you recall my computer died in June, and I got a new one, which I love! While I was able to retrieve most items and transfer them to my new one, my website wasn't one of them. The pictures and the words all transferred to my new harddrive-- but it's all garbled up. I need to recreate it , and I've not had the time to do it, so no updates since early June. It's on my to do list for this Sunday. Keeping my fingers crossed here, I hate working on stuff like this, it's even behind dishes and I hate washing dishes! It especially rankles because I don't know why the settings got scrambled, I hate having to spend time fixing something that shouldn't be broken. I would much rather be creating stuff in the studio or bonding with the kid or something.

It's actually one of my major pet peeves in life.. my time being wasted on "stupid" unnecessary things. For example, there is a mistake on a bill.. you have to take your valuable time to call in customer support, wait on the phone, then argue with someone to get it fixed... all that time is just unnecessary, and you never get it back.

This is in contrast to "putter" time. Putter time is when you’re not really being productive, but you are recharging yourself. Everyone needs down time to be mentally healthy. I go up to the studio sometimes without really getting much done, except putter time. I swear after a day of putter, I have the best sketch book days.. Where every 5 minutes I’m writing ideas or sketching. I think that's my real problem right now, I've been so busy with work and with the business and family and everything; I really need a putter day.

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