Monday, August 24, 2009

See what's in my Bag........

The farmer's market went very well, I have one more coming up September 12Th. I have a couple of weeks off actually, before my next show which is Mage Con (Sept 4-6th ) This is a great regional gaming convention held at the Marina Inn in South Sioux Falls, NE. The best part is I get to meet up with my South Dakota Friends Sue and Cathie! We actually set up a mega booth-- both of our jewelry booths together, and then sit and bead and make jewelry all weekend long.. and oh, occasionally help out a customer.

today's pictures: A few weeks ago we got rained on at a show, so when I got home I had to unpack my little red bag of tricks and let things dry out properly. My earring box had standing water in it! Fortunately those earrings are in plastic baggies.. so I just spread them out to let them dry! Anyway, isn't it amazing how much I have packed in my Bag? Enjoy!

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