Monday, August 17, 2009

RATS!! and what a kewl picture!

I love this top Picture!!

I wish it was larger and wider.. I'd put it as a bottom banner on my website! What is it you ask?? It's just a load out of my tumbler a month or so ago... several of the pieces pictured are sold now. I'm going to try to get pictures up in a more timely fashion, but there are only so many hours in the day.... I just love the range of work it shows, wirework, soldering, crystals, stones, lampwork, etc.

OK what is the RATS! about ?? well I reallly wanted to go to the bead meeting tonight, but a family situation prevented it. I will make it next month, but I'll have to ask someone what the new color challenge is.

Another busy busy week here at the BarronMiller Castle, and this weekend is Down town Farmer's Market here in Des Moines. Last month they put me in such a sweet spot.. right on the corner of 2nd and Court... I am keeping my fingers crossed for the same spot, but really there are no bad spots at the market. If you haven't ever made it down to the market, you should sometime, even if it's not to find me... lots of fresh foods, yummy prepared treats ( like breakfast pizza and oh my gawds the best cinnamon rolls ever!) artists, free music, and lots of other kewl stuff. It runs 7-12pm on Sat. See ya there!

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LODY said...

Love those yummy stash! I can see them sparkling in my encrusted pendants.

I've been following the "color challenge" projects at the Iowa Beaders Society blog. If only I live nearby, I would love to attend the meetings.

BTW, I enjoyed browsing your wonderful works.