Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Iowa Bead Society Projects ........

We have a meeting tomorrow ( If you are in the the Greater Des Moines Area, and would like to attend it's at 630pm at Valley Junction Community Center) so I thought I'd post pictures from meeting projects/challenges today. The top picture shows the earrings I finished a week or so ago, from a pattern that Cheryl Erickson demo'd at July's meeting. It's brick stick around a ring. I'm proud to say I made the rings myself out of sterling silver wire. Cheryl actually sells sterling rings made by me in her shop just for this pattern.. Her store is 2-3 down from the community center in Valley Junction in fact.

Every month this year the Bead society has a color challenge... In July what could be more natural than red, white and blue?? I made the frame with 18GA sterling wire, then beaded around it. The lampwork heart I bought at a bead show a few years ago, and fit perfect in the color theme!
this month's challenge is near and dear to my heart.... Silver! I made the below pendent in 20 GA sterling square wire, and I sold it yesterday at the art store art show, so I've made another one today for the meeting. However this morning I got a GREAT idea for a all ( or mostly) silver piece, and I've started working on it but I'm not sure I'll get it done in time for the meeting. Here's keeping fingers crossed!!

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Angela Meijer said...

The silver piece has such great form - wonderful and whimsical. Love it.