Friday, August 28, 2009

More Fun wih Reactive Metals!

While I do not, as of yet, personally own the "gizmo" (professionally known as an anodizer) to color titanium and niobium , when I took the class earlier this year I colored all the metal I could... so I have a box of colored parts, to play with. These 2 pendants are recent plays.... I love love love the first!!! I cut a puzzle piece out of Niobium colored it sort of a teal, then used sand paper and hammers to texture it.. and then recolored it purple.. the first picture here you can see the 2 tones.. in person it looks almost holographic, changing from tealish to purplish depending on which angle you look at it. I embellished it with sterling silver.

This last pendant is a lovely round circle of copper, 22 GA I believe, which I polished to a high gleam, then added 2 holes, and stung bits of niobium in different colors in front of it. I like the look, it's more modern than most of my pieces, but I like it.


LODY said...

Lovely pendants... the blue is pretty!

Angela Meijer said...

The puzzle piece is fabulous!