Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Copper with alittle silver........

1st pendant.. I was experimenting with soldering silver on copper way over a year ago, and I got messy with the solder. I set it aside, and last month digging in my scrap pile found it again. So I re torched it, making most of the front of the scrap sterling in color.. and added a bail. instant pendant!

2ND pendant is copper flower with sterling accents as the bail and a Tanzanite crystal. Yummy!

3rd piece I'm quite pleased with! It's the first successful soldering of brass ( don't ask to see the first OK?) (OK first 2). I had this "twig" like cut out of sterling, so I put it by the brass moon, and after it came out of the pickle, it made me think of southwestern pottery--- all it's missing is the howling wolf by the now cactus! Even the shape of the copper is vaguely pot shaped... So I named this piece "southwestern pottery"

More fun stuff next time!

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Angela Meijer said...

These are great. Well done!